Mark Hurrie

“Yoga for Good has been transformative for both staff and students! Jess is an amazing instructor who is skilled at teaching kids the numerous benefits of yoga. YFG will make a positive difference in any learning community.”

-Principal Mark Hurrie, Kennedy School Somerville

Caroline 4th Grade

"Yoga with Jess was an incredible experience for my class of fourth graders. They were able to absorb so many valuable strategies and techniques related to mindfulness, and that was evident after the very first week. I found it especially notable when Jess asked the students for a volunteer to lead the class in a sun salutation. Not only did almost every single child's hand shoot into the air, but the fact that so many kids were willing and able to lead their classmates through a sequence of several yoga poses was incredibly exciting to watch. With focus on attentive listening, body awareness, deep breathing, and teamwork, I think our experience with Jess really got our school year off on the right foot, and I'm confident that my students would agree." 

-Caroline Hanly, 4th Grade Teacher, Kennedy School Somerville

Dave Elkinson

“Holding yoga classes at our office has been such a positive experience for our company. Employees have noted they feel more relaxed, more productive, and overall feel more supported as individuals. Thank you Jess and YFG! Highly recommend having Jess in to any company looking to increase mindfulness and health.”

-Dave E, President of Flexible Systems

Beth Marathon

“Incorporating yoga into my marathon training has been incredible. Jess is attentive to what’s happening in my body and comes prepared every session. Meditation and guided visualizations have also taken my performance to the next level. All athletes should work with YFG.”

-Beth Spizack, Boston Marathon Runner 2019


“We used Yoga for Good at our firm in Boston and it was great! We had Jess come in to do a mediation session with employees and everyone was raving about how good they felt after! It was super easy to connect with Jess and schedule the class. We will definitely schedule another one in the future!”

-Hannah M, Elkus Manfredi Architects

Caitlin Kelly

“Yoga for Good was an amazing experience for our students! Jess is very knowledgeable and was able to really connect with our students even in the short amount of time that she worked with them. Sessions were always organized and engaging and students (and teachers!) greatly benefited!”

-Caitlin Kelly, Wellness Coordinator Somerville Public Schools