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YFG believes in a simple formula: Happy Healthy Employees = Happy Healthy Workplace

Cultivate a dynamic work environment, improve productivity, reduce health care costs, and drive bottom-line growth when health and wellness becomes part of your workplace culture.

Corporate wellness is on the rise, and with endless options for on-site employee health benefits, it can be tough to know where to start. Our corporate yoga & meditation program is straight forward, cost effective, and accessible to all. We travel to you for our classes that combine energetic movement and relaxation techniques.

Our yoga and meditation classes are designed to accommodate all levels with an emphasis on modifications to make class enjoyable for everyone. Working with you, we create a program that best benefits your work community. We offer introduction classes and discounted packages for ongoing classes scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. 

Proactively support the well-being of your employees with the many benefits of yoga

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Provide a supportive space for co-workers to unwind from the day and build camaraderie

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Practicing yoga builds strength, confidence, and a boost in energy and vitality

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Yoga and mindfulness have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges many of us face

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