Empowering Students to Succeed in a Challenging World

While we can’t halt the challenges children navigate every day, we can teach them techniques to discover inner calm and peace amidst the noise. The practice of yoga and mindfulness guides children as they learn to become advocates for themselves and each other, accessing their health and vitality with intention.

Bringing Yoga For Good to your school community is a powerful way to build camaraderie and help students maintain focus, build emotional intelligence, and make sound choices as engaged and curious learners.

Through our various program options, Yoga For Good focuses on cultivating skills that are essential to overall wellbeing and healthy living. 

Benefits of Yoga in the Classroom

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Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Flexibility, Balance, Deep Breathing, Circulation

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Concentration, Focus, Listening, Staying Present, Perspective Taking, Executive Function

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Positive Self Image, Stress & Anxiety Reduction, Managing Emotions, Creating Community, Strong Communication & Leadership Skills

Our various programs are developed with our signature 5 step approach

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Learning techniques to ease into transitions and prepare for what’s to come

Using breath as a tool to stay present, to calm the mind, and to energize the body

Exploring physical strength, balance, and flexibility to build positive self image and confidence

Taking time to tune in to our surroundings, ourselves, and each other with mindfulness activities to promote community and gratitude 

Rejuvenating and resetting by allowing the body and the mind to completely relax

We work closely with every school we partner with in order to create a customized program that fits the unique needs of the community. We offer single class options, semester programs, and full year programs taught by our highly trained and certified instructors. 

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