Enhance Performance, Prevent Injury

Competing at the highest level goes beyond the physical - athletes are tasked with the ability to handle the mental and emotional demands of the game.

Going beyond simple stretching, the physical practice of yoga works joints and muscles through all ranges of motion, emphasizing proper alignment and building strength. A focus on balance and coordination leads to better technique and form while joint and muscular flexibility increases range of motion. 

Athletes learn accessible breathing and mindfulness techniques to build focus and mental clarity during performance. Progressive muscle relaxation, guided breath work, and visualizations relax the entire body and harness mental energy, allowing the body to do what it’s trained to do.

We work with athletes and teams of all levels from middle school to professional sports teams. Depending on your specific sport, we'll create an individualized program to maximize your physical success. You have the strength and endurance, let us help you with flexibility of the mind & body. 

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Physical benefits

Mobility- lengthen muscle tissue while stabilizing

Strength- build muscle endurance



Injury Prevention & Recovery

Body Awareness

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create familly

Cultivate Camaraderie

Build Trust

Understand Strengths & Challenges of Teammates


mental game

Enhance Mind-Body Connection

Increase Focus

Cope with Pain & Injury

Reduce Stress on and off the Field

Develop Visualization Techniques

Ready to take your performance to the next level?