Our programs are designed by age group and focus on physical and cognitive practices that are developmentally appropriate and research driven.

Preschool (ages 3-5) Through imaginative storytelling, interactive games, and simple breathing techniques, preschool aged children joyfully explore their bodies in space. YFG’s preschool program helps young children develop gross/fine motor skills, explore personal identity, navigate emotions, and cultivate a strong sense of safety and community within their classroom. 

Early Elementary (ages 6-9) Children develop strength, coordination, and flexibility as they begin to practice yoga postures and Sun Salutations paired with breath work. Independence and self-esteem is fostered through expressive asana and energetic movements while partner/group games build camaraderie and advocacy. Mindfulness activities encourage children to access their inner resources, finding calm and stillness.

Upper Elementary/Middle School (ages 10-13) Pairing physical movements and postures with breath, students move through physical yoga sequences and learn how to harness energy in respectful and positive ways. Stress management, anxiety reduction, and self acceptance is taught through specific mindfulness exercises. Students explore how the practice of yoga and mindfulness facilitate compassion, concentration, and resilience and ways to take these practices into their world.

High School (ages 14-18) Beginning to dive deeper into proper alignment and anatomy, students honor their own bodies and cultivate a practice of self care, respect, and ongoing growth. Strength, balance, and acceptance is practiced on the mat through Vinyasa style flows (pairing breath with energetic movement) and students engage in discussions on how these physical skills translate to life off the mat. Students participate in various breathing and mindfulness exercises that can be used in the classroom and everyday life.

Our programs are created by a team of experienced educators, mental health professionals, and wellness experts.